IT Customer Management

Finally, you can manage all of your customers from just one system. MSP Manager organizes all of your customer information in one place, from locations and contacts to contracts, rates, knowledge, and billing information.

MSP Manager IT customer management software

Locations & Contacts

Keep track of all of your customers' locations and contacts.
IT customer management locations and contacts

Service Item Contracts

IT industry-specific service types make it easy to track time and bill your customers.
You can configure an unlimited amount of service items for each customer.
MSP Manager currently supports:
  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly
  • Project
  • Hour Retainer
  • Money Retainer
IT industry specific contract management

Flexible Rates

Fully customize your hourly rates for any scenario you can imagine.
IT ticketing software with multiple rates

Ticketing and invoicing software you'll actually use.

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